Zendaya Visits Tom Holland on 'The Crowded Room' Set in New York City

Zendaya is paying her beau a visit at work! On Thursday, the 25-year-old

actress was spotted arriving on the New York City set of Tom Holland's upcoming Apple TV+ series, The Crowded Room.

The Euphoria star smiled as she was photographed walking onto the set,

wearing a black crop top and matching pants for the outing.

She and Holland confirmed their romance last year after years of dating speculation.

Amid Zendaya's visit, Tom was hard at work, as he's starring in the upcoming

series as Danny Sullivan, who was the first person to be acquitted of a crime

on the basis of multiple-personality disorder -- now known as dissociative identity disorder.

The show is based on writer Akiva Goldsman‘s own life and Daniel Keyes' biography The Minds of Billy Milligan.