Zendaya and Andrew Garfield share an 'inside joke' about Tobey Maguire from Spider-Man: No Way Home

Zendaya and Andrew Garfield recently got together for an interview with Variety recently

and it was a celebratory moment for Spider-Man: No Way Home fans.

The two actors after starring in one of the biggest films of the year discussed

their acting techniques and the fun they had shooting for the Marvel film alongside Tom Holland and Tobey Maguire.

Zendaya opened up about how Holland was nervous about working

with Andrew and Tobey and that he didn't want to "step on their toes.

The duo also discussed how much fun they had on set apart from shooting the emotional bits.

Speaking about the same, Zendaya said, "I was pissing myself laughing,” Zendaya joked. “I was dying.

You guys had me dying, like crying laughing in between takes all the time."