Young Sheldon Season 5 Finale Explains One Of Sheldon’s Worst TBBT Traits

The Young Sheldon season 5 finale explains one of Sheldon's worst traits in The Big Bang Theory.

CBS staged a tamer year-ender compared to its predecessor with the comedy's focus shifting back to its titular character.

It did feature a direct reference to The Big Bang Theory, however,

as the young Sheldon (Iain Armitage) dons his first Flash shirt.

Aside from that, however, the Young Sheldon season 5 finale

may have revealed the origins of a bad Sheldon trait as seen in the geek-centric sitcom.

CBS' storytelling for Young Sheldon took a darker tone in season 5.

As the Cooper kids grow old, they are also faced with more mature issues.

Despite being sidelined for some parts of the year, Sheldon had some interesting arcs throughout the season.