Young Justice Reveals How Powerful Miss Martian Truly Is

The true power level of Miss Martian was firmly established in Young Justice season 4's finale, "Death and Rebirth.

The Martians are one of the most powerful species in the DC Comics multiverse,

with most of Young Justice's various Martian races possessing the powers of shape-changing,

phasing, telekinesis, and telepathy in addition to enhanced strength and durability.

Ten years as a superhero honed M'gann M'orzz's abilities to the point that she is powerful even

Martian standards and perhaps the single most powerful member of the Justice League.

Miss Martian's potential was established early on in the Young Justice season 1 episode "Failsafe."

It was here that her uncle Martian Manhunter commented that Miss Martian had

the strongest telepathy of any being he had ever encountered and that it was only his superior