Yankees’ Giancarlo Stanton is ‘pissed’ his shoddy outfield play ‘let the game get away’

Giancarlo Stanton blames himself for Nestor Cortes’ first bad start all year.

He blames himself for the Yankees being blown out 8-1 by the Twins on Tuesday night.

Stanton knows that the two flyballs hit to deep right by Gio

Urshela should have been caught instead of turning into gift

hits that keyed the Twins’ scoring twice in the fourth and sixth innings.

And Stanton wasn’t about to use the excuse thrown out there by his manager.

He says his mistakes had nothing to do with Aaron Boone’s speculation that Stanton’s screwups

were caused from “dealing with the (right field) overhang out there.”

I’ve got to make those plays to put us in a better position to not let the game get away.