WWE SmackDown commentator Pat McAfee shares his reaction to Cody Rhodes' injury

It was definitely "Hell In A Cell." In his recent chat on The Pat McAfee Show,

commentator Pat McAfee revealed how he initially reacted to Cody Rhodes'

injury and dubbed his efforts in the WWE Hell In A Cell as "one of the gutsiest performances" he had ever witnessed.

McAfee praised the American Nightmare as he fought in the ring with a torn pectoral muscle.

During his latest episode, via Wrestling Inc, McAfee shared how "a lot of people thought that was makeup" but he clarified,

"what your body actually does when you tear your sh*t." McAfee

went on and mentioned that he was not sure if they

"shot that thing up with everything you could,

as he referenced Rhodes having the help of some pain relief but pointed out that even with that it would still "hurt so bad.