Wong nearly traveled the multiverse, according to new ‘Doctor Strange 2’ concept art

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness took MCU fans further into the multiverse than ever

before and while there was a ton of crossover, new concept art suggests that a little more may have been planned.

Dean Sherriff, a concept artist who worked on the Doctor Strange sequel,

revealed some of his work from the film including Strange, America Chavez, and Wong walking around Earth-838.

Fans who have seen the series will quickly realize that Wong never traveled the multiverse with Strange or Chavez,

but this new look may suggest that it was once in the plans.

None of this new art suggests the story would have changed in any major way as it only showcases the three walking the streets.

This being the case, it’s hard to speculate on when the decision was made not to have Wong travel the multiverse.

Early merchandise for the film also suggested that we may see a Wong variant in the movie — something that we ultimately didn’t get.