Winona Ryder Says Film Directors Once Found Her Unattractive, David Harbour Stunned

Winona Ryder has been a diva since the very beginning of her glorious stardom.

For the past few months, she has been in the headlines, the reason being her past relationship with Johnny Depp.

Their love affair started during the filming of their movie Edward Scissorhands, however, their relationship was short-lived.

Even though the two have parted ways very

often we come across news including both, be that their involvement in Beetlejuice 2.

Although Johnny Depp won’t be starring in this sequel, the google cast page for the movie puts forth Depp as a cast member.

After the release of Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1, fans are excited and are direly waiting to witness volume 2 for the same.

Winona Ryder recently played Joyce Byers in this Netflix series

and she is bagging a massive amount of love and appreciation for the same.