Why The Depp v. Heard Verdict Is So Brutal

The Johnny Depp defamation verdict against Amber Heard was a gutting experience.

My bones hurt from being angry. All my muscles are exhausted from constant flexing,

just in case I have to fend something — or someone — off.

I have a constant, vision-blurring headache from keeping track of who’s trying to cause me and my friends harm.

Fighting once felt fruitful, but the older I get, the less effective it seems as a coping strategy for a world seemingly intent on killing me

you, all of us. Just the last few weeks have been uniquely unbearable if you’re not a straight white man with a fat pocketbook filled

out by making shitty movies that eventually became rides at Magic Kingdom.

Earlier today, the jury returned with a verdict in the demoralizing six-week Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard defamation trial

and it was bad news for anyone hoping to protect freedom of speech, or hoping that alleged survivors of domestic abuse would be able to tell their stories