Why Prince William and Kate Middleton's new home Adelaide Cottage is rent-free

Prince William and Duchess Kate are set to move into Adelaide Cottage this

summer, along with their three children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis and here's why they won't be paying any rent

The Grade II-listed home is owned by the Queen and is a "grace-and-favour" home which she can choose to offer up to anyone she likes.

The definition of a grace and favour home is "a habitation granted rent-free

by the English royal household," which means the Cambridges

will be able to enjoy the residence without paying for it.

Many British Royals are granted these types of properties by the Queen when they are

working royals, because they are serving the Queen when it comes to their engagements and royal duties.

The four-bedroom property is located on the 655-acre Windsor estate which means the family will be much closer to the Queen at Windsor Castle.