Why Johnny Depp lost his libel case in the U.K. but won in the U.S.

The outcome of the Johnny Depp defamation trial turned a bit of celebrity jurisprudence on its head

the long-standing conventional wisdom that it’s easier for a VIP to prevail

with a libel claim in the United Kingdom than in the United States.

The reason, according to legal experts, may simply boil down to the fact that Depp’s action in the U.K.

which he lost — happened to be decided by a judge, whereas his case in the United States was decided by a jury.

“The answer is simple,” said George Freeman, executive director of the Media Law Resource Center. “It was up to the jury.”

Depp prevailed in his three counts of defamation against his ex-wife Amber Heard

and was awarded $15 million, the seven-person jury announced Wednesday.

The jury also decided that Depp, through his lawyer Adam Waldman, defamed Heard on one of three counts in her countersuit. She was awarded $2 million.