Why I Don’t Feel Safe as a Woman Anymore  Amber Heard

Women’s rights is dead, and we have killed it. With every TikTok cosplay, SNL sketch,

 and “Team Johnny” tip jar, the spectacle of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s defamation trial has not only exposed people’s latent misogyny

, but also given us an unsettling glimpse into a world where #MeToo has been scrubbed away like a filthy stain.

 A world where domestic abuse has been flattened into a commodity.

The seven-week trial came not long after reports that the Supreme Court was planning on overturning

 Roe v. Wade: a landmark abortion case which, if overturned, would lead to women’s reproductive rights and autonomy being steamrolled

 in favor of the opinions of a dozen of white men in high places. Like the potential rolling back of Roe,

 the recent Johnny Depp trial verdict has grim implications for women, especially.

For instance, we’ve seen hashtags like #MeToo, which was once a mobilizing rallying cry for women to speak out on their high-powered abusers