Who Is Jensen Ackles' Wife?

After 15 seasons on Supernatural, it's fair to say that Jensen Ackles,

who played Dean Winchester on the show for more than 300 episodes, has become comfortable with the spotlight.

The actor — who recently returned to TV for season 3 of The Boys

developed a devoted fanbase while starring on the long-running series, and was voted "Sexiest TV Star

But through it all, one thing has stayed constant: his relationship with his wife, actress Danneel Ackles.

In fact, the two are building the next phase of their careers together and

launched a production company in 2020. The first title they're releasing

under the company is a forthcoming show called The Winchesters, which builds on the Supernatural mythology.

in People's Sexiest Man Alive 2021: Readers' Choice Poll for the second year in a row.