Who can apply for student loan cancellation?

The government's announcement was directed to borrowers who attended Corinthian schools, but all students

who feel that they were misled by their schools could be eligible for loan cancellation.

Under the Borrower Defense to Repayment [program], certain conduct by a school you attended might make you eligible to receive

a discharge of some or all of your federal student loans," reads the Department of Education's website.

"The most common types of conduct that might make a borrower eligible for loan relief through Borrower Defense to Repayment discharge are misrepresentations

of the truth made by the school or its representatives during their efforts to recruit you to enrol

at the school or to continue your enrolment at the school.

These misrepresentations typically take the form of untruthful representations of the school's selectivity in admitting students

its rankings as compared to other schools, the job placement and earnings outcomes of its prior graduates

or the likelihood that its credits will be accepted by another school or that it will accept credits from other schools."