When Meghan Markle’s security made Wimbledon fans ‘Uncomfortable’

Meghan Markle's security team was slammed for making fans uncomfortable during 2019 Wimbledon.

The Duchess of Sussex arrived at the mega-event to watch her friend Serena

Williams play live where Meghan’s security team made an unnecessary request from a fellow attendee.

Tennis fans and media consultant Sally Jones claimed that Meghan’s security asked her to put her camera away.

“Would you not take photographs of the Duchess.

She’s here in a private capacity,” she claimed a royal officials said.

Sally told Daily Telegraph at the time, “I think this royal protection officer was

quite embarrassed. He appeared a bit mystified as to why he was being asked to make such a request.”

“I told him it was bonkers and that even if I had been trying to snap the Duchess I’d have got a blurry picture of her right ear.