What Johnny Depp's First TikTok Reveals About Next Career Steps

Given the deluge of pro-Johnny Depp posts that flooded TikTok over the duration

of his defamation trial against Amber Heard, it seemed only fitting that he joined the social media platform following his court victory.

The Hollywood actor, 58, has pulled in more than 7.5 million followers since launching a verified account on the video-sharing platform,

where posts supporting him have been seen as instrumental in winning public favor during his court battle.

Of course, fans waited with bated breath for the Pirates of the Caribbean star's first post,

which was delivered on Tuesday in all its 30-second glory—and was aptly dedicated to his army of dedicated supporters.

With a reggae instrumental providing a soundtrack, Depp shared footage of himself waving from an SUV

at placard-bearing fans during the six weeks he was shuttled to and

from Virginia's Fairfax County Circuit Court for his televised trial.