What happens if Johnny Depp loses the trial against Amber Heard?

The high-profile trial ended on Friday and jurors are now given time to deliberate.

Depp could face a counter suit if the jury dismisses his lawsuit.

The jurors in the civil case between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are currently on a three-day recess

for the Memorial Day holiday weekend, but are expected to resume their deliberations on Tuesday.

The trial has gripped public attention and could prove a significant precedent for domestic abuse victims.

It could be a few more days until the jury return a final verdict, but what could it mean for Depp if his defamation lawsuit is rejected?

Depp will not receive the lucrative pay-out

In suing Heard, Depp is demanding a payment of $50 million for loss of earnings

due to an article his ex-wife authored in The Washington Post in 2018.