What Cardi B Said She Would Have Done About Lizzo Lyric Controversy

Cardi B took to Twitter on Wednesday (June 15) to respond to a Twitter thread addressing Lizzo‘s recent lyric controversy.

A Twitter user named @FeministaJones wrote about the “Bodak Yellow” rapper’s ability to

use an offensive word in a song without backlash, while Lizzo changed her “Grrrls” lyrics

after receiving criticism for using an ableist slur in the opening verse.

Cardi is slim and light-skinned,” the Twitter user wrote.

She will often ‘get away’ with more than other women, especially those who look like Lizzo

will. That’s the world we live in. People may get mad but I don’t care lol Colorism

and fatphobia shape SO MANY reactions and extensions of ‘grace.

Cardi concluded with her take on the Lizzo situation.