Weary Lightyear director tries once again to explain

It's all very clear: The Tim Allen-voiced Buzz Lightyear was based on the Real Ghostbusters version of Lightyear.

Lightyear, the new film from Pixar that’s set sort of in the studio’s venerable

Toy Story universe, opens with a three-line text crawl that is, essentially, a Hail

Mary pass to explain the movie’s whole premise: “In 1995 Andy got a toy.

That toy is from his favorite movie. This is that movie.

It’s actually a little marvel of screenwriting ingenuity, apparently supplied by producer

Andrew Stanton in an effort to cut off the confusion stemming from a film premise

that has only ever been fitfully clear, vis a vis how “real” or “not real”

the film is supposed to be in regards to the wider Toy Story world.