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Watch: The world’s unluckiest assassin tries to survive in new ‘Bullet Train’ trailer

The second trailer for Bullet Train is a high-octane ride with no shortage of bloodthirsty assassins.

The movie features an ensemble cast and puts the action and comedy moments in a blender set on high for a stylized experience.

In the trailer, Smooth-talking Maria Beetle (Sandra Bullock) gives Pitt’s character his operational name “Ladybug,

which he believes to be a sign of good luck right before he’s almost hit by a bus. Ladybug actually has bad luck, and the people around him tend to die.

For his first job back, he steals a suitcase on a bullet train,

but he’s chased by other assassins looking to retrieve the case for themselves. Something else is going on.

Ladybug has to figure out why they’re after him, all while avoiding attacks at every turn.

The White Death is waiting for him in Kyoto with an army of assassins led by a psychotic man, and

the assassins have to come up with a plan to survive this.