Voices: So, Prince Harry’s a feminist? Good – all men should be

For what it’s worth, a lot of folk are exercised about Meghan, Duchess of Sussex mentioning that her husband Harry is “a feminist”.

I thought pretty much everyone is a feminist these days, whatever their

or gender, and thus (like me) they can wear a “This Is What A Feminist Looks

Like” T-shirt with only a faint hint of irony and unease about its unflattering

physical fit. (Mine was gifted to me by a professional feminist colleague, I should add, after one too many jokes.)

After all, even Boris Johnson, a man whose feminist credentials have

historically suffered some pressure, can unselfconsciously declare that

Toxic masculinity” the prime minister calls it, and I needn’t add that the old alley cat should know all about that.

I have no reason to doubt, either, that Prince Harry and Meghan had a “guttural” reaction