VIDEO: Zayn Malik leaves Directioners squealing with utter joy as singer belts out One Direction song You & I

Directioners, all across the globe, are currently squealing with sheer joy and with all the right reasons!

Leaving everyone surprised with his latest Instagram post is Zayn Malik,

who was a pivotal part of One Direction - also comprising Harry Styles,

Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan - up until he quit the band in 2015.

While Zayn has mostly restrained himself from indulging in talking about 1D, focusing on his solo career instead,

the 29-year-old singer left fans nostalgic with a singing video shared on his IG page.

Treating his 45.6 million followers with his gorgeous vocals, something

which he's done quite a few times in the past (Remember his heavenly Allah Ke Bande cover?

Zayn Malik's song choice is what had everyone talking,