Verdict hard hits women's rights: Amber's side

I was taking a break between meetings yesterday, scrolling through headlines when I saw

that a verdict had been reached in the Depp vs Heard trial. My heart went still reading the outcome

Depp was awarded $15 million in his defamation lawsuit against Heard.

A small consolation: The countersuit saw $2 million awarded to Heard for one of the defamation charges.

The Sun’s claims of Johnny Depp being a wife-beater were “substantially true”, a Virginia jury ruled otherwise.

Yesterday’s verdict implied that both parties defamed each other.

The message is that the evidence against Depp was insufficient.

Or that it was altogether untrue implying Heard was considered a liar by the jury.

During the trial, videos of Depp’s rage under the influence of drugs and alcohol were presented as evidence along with photos of Heard’s bruises.