Valve Is Doubling Steam Deck Deliveries, So Check Your Emails

For those of you who’ve been longingly (...or jealously) watching as a lucky few

get to play around with their fancy, new Steam Decks, well, I’ve got some good news.

Valve has announced it will start sending out Q3 Steam Deck reservation emails later this week.

And, it also confirmed it’s ramping up actually shipping the devices, so if you have one ordered,

it might arrive sooner than originally expected.

Earlier today on Twitter, Valve confirmed that it had sent out the last Q2 Steam

Deck reservation emails, and revealed that the company plans to start sending out Q3 emails on June 30.

For would-be Deck buyers who’ve been patiently waiting,

Valve explained that production on the portable PCs has ramped up, so it’ll be able to ship twice as many Steam Decks per week to customers during Q3.