Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga prepare for Bennett's last big concert

When Tony Bennett's family announced he had Alzheimer's Disease in February of 2021

few of the then 94-year-old singer's fans imagined they'd ever see him on stage again.

But last summer, with his family's help, he began rehearsing for two concerts at Radio City Music Hall,

with his friend Lady Gaga. No one knew for sure if Tony would be able to pull it off,

but his family believed that Tony's story could give hope to others struggling with Alzheimer's.

And they invited us to follow him preparing for, what would likely be, his final act.

Tony Bennett has been singing hits and swinging jazz for seven decades.

But for Tony, now, those years are a dim memory, lost in the fog of dementia

from Alzheimer's. He spends much of his time in his New York apartment looking through books and old photos.