Tom Hardy to serve as co-writer in his upcoming film Venom 3

Tom Hardy is all set to be part of the next Venom film.

The actor took to Instagram recently and shared a glimpse of the script for Venom 3 and revealed

that he will also be serving as co-writer on the project.

Hardy has taken over fans' hearts with his tragic character Eddie in the first Venom film as he gave life to a rather likeable anti-hero.

In his post on the Gram, Hardy uploaded the title page of the script which had his name

listed under the "story by" section alongside Kelly Marcel who wrote the first two editions of the franchise.

Interestingly, Hardy blacked out the title of the film which led fans to speculate that it might contain a spoiler.

For now, it has not been disclosed if Ruben Fleischer or Andy Serkis will be returning to the franchise to direct the threequel.

Though Serkis has previously shared that he would be down to join in the fun.