Tom Cruise impersonator makes six figure sums after 'seal of approval' from Top Gun star

Leading Tom Cruise impersonator Evan Ferrante became an instant viral sensation after posting videos of himself as the Hollywood star on social media and YouTube

A Tom Cruise impersonator is certainly saying "show me the money" after receiving a seal of approval from the Top Gun icon himself.

Long term professional Tom Cruise impersonator Evan Ferrante earns over six figures

per year from voice over work and event appearances, after his looks

and voice were described as 'uncanny' by the famous Hollywood movie star.

With Top Gun: Maverick currently breaking global box office numbers,

Evan is now in demand more than ever, saying: "There is no greater time to be a

Tom Cruise impersonator and I am fully cognizant of that. He completes me.

Evan Ferrante became one of the top Tom Cruise impersonators in the world