TikTok Star, Ophelia Nichols, Asks Community for Help After Her Son’s Murder

TikTok star Ophelia Nichols, who goes by the username Shoelover99, has spent the last two

years uploading daily videos intended to uplift the spirits of all those who happen upon them.

Now, the social media influencer is asking her followers for help. Nichols took to the platform to

tell her followers that her youngest son, Randon Lee, was murdered.

She is asking the community for help finding the perpetrator.

Ophelia Nichols took to TikTok on Saturday, June 25, to address her millions of followers.

The video’s tone was significantly different than Nichols’ previous clip,

which showed the influencer enjoying a vacation in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

In the emotional posting, Nichols told her fan base that her youngest son was shot and killed on Friday, June 24, just one day shy of his 19th birthday.