Thunderbolts movie, Marvel’s answer to Suicide Squad, gets director

Marvel Studios is reportedly developing a movie on Thunderbolts,

the anti-hero/supervillain team in Marvel Comics akin to DC’s Suicide Squad.

As per Deadline, Jake Schreier, known for Robot & Frank and Paper Towns,

has been recruited as the director and Black Widow writer Eric Pearson is writing the script.

Thunderbolts has an origin story similar to the Suicide Squad, in that they were

former supervillains who turned heroes to protect the earth in the absence of Avengers.

However, in a twist they were revealed to be Masters of Evil in disguise, a supervillain team.

Baron Zemo was the original leader of the group.

Again, like Suicide Squad, Thunderbolts are sent to missions to save the world and it is Thaddeus Ross (William Hurt)