Thor Love and Thunder clip: Chris Hemsworth’s superhero finally meets Natalie Portman’s Goddess of Thunder

A clip from Thor: Love and Thunder is out. It is an extended version of the scene

briefly glimpsed in the trailer in which Mjolnir is back and has a new wielder now.

In the extended version, we see Chris Hemsworth’s God of Thunder engaged in a battle.

He spots the magical hammer and happily calls for it like it were a dog – “Mjolnir! Mjolnir, here, boy!”

He does see the divine weapon, with cracks running across its head, and stretches out his hand.

But Mjolnir remains just out of reach and instead goes towards Mighty Thor,

who is now Jane Foster (Natalie Portman).

She spins the weapon but the scene ends before we can see what is happening.

The scene is so good that we almost wish it had been kept for the film itself and not for any promo.