‘This Is Us’: Mandy Moore Reveals Which Season 6

– Mandy Moore bid farewell to Rebecca Pearson during This Is Us Season 6.

– The actor recently revealed which season 6 scene left “tears streaming down” her face.

– Moore also threw up reading another moment from “The Train.”

This Is Us Season 6 delivered a heartfelt ending to the NBC show, and the fans weren’t the only

ones in their feelings. Emotions were high among the cast of the series, too, as each of them bid

farewell to their characters and colleagues. And Mandy Moore recently revealed which scene

from This Is Us Season 6 made her start crying. Funnily enough, she wasn’t even at the center of it.

This Is Us Season 6 saw all of the show’s characters taking their final bows

but Mandy Moore’s Rebecca Pearson received an especially hard-hitting send-off.