These were the best moments of the Stranger Things D&D playthrough

Netflix has been a busy little nerd this entire week, with five days’ worth of promotions for Geeked Week,

the network’s yearly celebration of all things dorky and good available or upcoming on the platform.

One of the more amusing and highly watchable promotions was an hour and a half long

real-time Dungeons & Dragons playthrough featuring Stranger Things stars

Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, Priah Ferguson, and Joseph Quinn.

All four actors were, despite their onscreen personas, practically noobs when it came to the game.

Thankfully, experienced Dungeon master B. Dave Walters was there to give

them a helping hand. That didn’t keep the party from escaping every pitfall though.

Joseph Quinn quickly bonded with one of the adventure’s first NPC (A non-player character played