The Truth About Kate Middleton's Parents

With their eldest child set to become Queen of England one day, it only makes sense that royal

fans have long been interested in Michael and Carole Middleton. 

Catherine Middleton will be the first middle-class woman to serve as Queen Consort when

Prince William accedes the throne. However, royally connected or not, the prince's university

sweetheart had a rather plummy upbringing, herself. As Daily Mail reported in 2005, shortly

after she and her now-husband went public with their relationship, she attended two elite

schools as a child. First, she attended Downe House — which, today, costs more than $34,000

per year to attend (via their website). Thereafter, she attended Marlborough College, which set parents back £21,000 per year in 2005, according to Daily Mail

roughly $36,000 per year in today's terms.