The Rings of Power: Lord of the Rings prequel wows fans at Comic-Con

That's how showrunner Patrick McKay described his mission for The Rings of

Power - Amazon Prime's hotly anticipated Lord of the Rings TV spin-off, as he

unveiled a new trailer and unseen footage at San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday.

In his armoury: a huge cast of comely elves, a rare female dwarf, the Hobbits'

ancestors, a seriously impressive CGI city, a mystery menace, an entwife and a surprise Balrog.

The Rings of Power is the most expensive show ever made, at $1bn (£832m) for

five seasons - and this is fans' best guide to how it will look, sound and feel.

But what everyone really wants to know is, can it compete with Peter Jackson's

beloved Lord of the Rings film trilogy, the winner of 17 Oscars.