The Gray Man review – Ryan Gosling goes rogue in gonzo action thriller

Two solid hours of efficient Netflix content is what’s on offer here,

the action-thriller equivalent of a conscientiously microwaved Tuscan Sausage Penne from M&S.

Directed by the Russo brothers, Joe and Anthony,

this has Ryan Gosling playing a CIA assassin recruited from prison for a top-secret black ops unit,

one of a team of “gray men” operating in the murky shadows;

he is known only by his codename Sierra Six (the other choices presumably being Cortina Six, Focus Six and Fiesta Six).

Sierra goes rogue when he discovers his own employers are up to no good,

the evidence being a data chip in a medallion on the body of one of his victims:

a very cursory MacGuffin whose exact significance is never really spelled out.