The crypto crash means you can finally buy video cards at MSRP

Prices were already sliding as it became unprofitable to mine on less

efficient GPUs, but ETH dropping under $1k this week seems to have the rest of the smokers folding.

The Verge reports that it was able to buy a higher-end video card at MSRP

for the first time in years. Gamers rejoice, for the GPU shortage is over.

On eBay I see sales of used RTX 3070 Ti Founders Editions for about $550

still a bit hot for these often-mistreated beasts—but those numbers should fall quickly.

However, Tom’s Hardware has been tracking GPU prices and the publication noted

consistently falling average prices for the past several months.

We’re now at the point where some high-end video cards, such as the Nvidia RTX 3090, 3090 Ti,