The Creed Brothers win NXT tag team titles at In Your House

When Pretty Deadly came over from NXT UK, it sure seemed like they were going to go

on one hell of a dominant run with the NXT tag team titles.

But while they’ve had their time to shine, they aren’t getting that long run after all.

That’s thanks to The Creed Brothers, who defeated them for those straps at tonight’s

NXT In Your House premium live event at the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

It was a fun match, one that ended with Julius Creed playing the ultimate babyface.

When one of the titles was thrown in the ring, the same title he was taken out with not long ago

he briefly considered using it as a weapon. With his family in the crowd, he looked to them.

They encouraged him not to go that route, to do things the right way, and he did just that.