The Boys Theory: Herogasm’s Location Has Already Been Revealed

Herogasm hasn't been referenced in The Boys season 3 whatsoever thus far... or has it?

Amazon has promised much for The Boys' currently-airing season 3 - more wacky

superpowers, more gruesome bloodshed, and the debauched spectacle that is Herogasm rendered in glorious live-action.

Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson's original The Boys comic

books reveal the Herogasm event is essentially a giant, secret party for superheroes where anything and everything goes.

Imagine the most depraved Las Vegas bachelor party of all

time, amplify the horror tenfold, and you're approximately halfway

to understanding the intensity and awfulness of Herogasm.

Live-action Herogasm was confirmed for The Boys season 3 by showrunner Eric Kripke shortly after season 2's conclusion.