The Boys showrunner explains SPOILER's surprise season 3 return

EP Eric Kripke and actor Antony Starr walk EW through that scene with Homelander and his bedroom guest.

A certain Hollywood A-lister wasn't the only big surprise to come out of The Boys season 3 premiere.

After teasing a potential return and even, seemingly, putting the kibosh on a reprisal,

actress Aya Cash made a comeback as Stormfront — albeit with far fewer limbs this time around.

"I didn't tell Aya at the end of season 2 she'd be coming back," showrunner Eric Kripke tells EW

for the new season of On Set, which goes behind the scenes of The Boys season 3.

We had to still figure it out. We very intentionally left her alive and wanted her to be a player in there, one way or another.

I'm not sure we totally knew how yet. But she's the best. I'd bring her back, you know, just to hang out with her."

The season 2 finale brought all of Stormfront's Nazi ties out in the open, forcing a confrontation between her and the Boys.