The Boys Season 3 set to surprise fans with Kimiko ft. Frenchie musical episode

The calm before the storm was never this groovy! Before The Boys create any more havoc,

fans are about to witness some light-hearted moments in a much-anticipated musical,

all thanks to Kimiko and Frenchie.

This Friday's episode of The Boys Season 3 will make viewers wear their dancing shoes as Kimiko

(Karen Fukuhara) and Frenchie (Tomer Capone) match their steps.

Hold on! This isn't it. This special musical episode will also bring the old and new cast together.

Prime Video just released a teaser of the musical episode,

where a recovering Kimiko is dancing her heart out in the hospital and is joined by Frenchie.

The teaser features some quick shots of the old and new cast, hyping expectations.