Ted Sarandos Talks About That Stock Drop, Backing Dave Chappelle, and Hollywood Schadenfreude

The Netflix executive says he — and the company he helped build — will survive a bout of bad earnings numbers.

Maybe it was the tower of seafood sitting before us.

Or the Potomac River flowing next to us. Or the fact that

Ted Sarandos proposed to his wife, Nicole, in a canoe under Fourth of July fireworks

right in front of where were sitting on the Georgetown waterfront in Washington.

Whatever the reason, the Netflix co-C.E.O. had seafaring adventures on his mind.

When I asked Mr. Sarandos how it felt when Netflix lost $54 billion in the blink of an eye

he talked about reading Joseph Conrad’s novella “Typhoon,” once as a younger man and again recently.

The first time, he considered the captain who steered straight into the eye of a typhoon