Stranger Things gave subtle nod to Nightmare on Elm Street in Robert Englund episode

Executive producer and director Shawn Levy unpacks the Freddy Krueger actor's big moment in season 4.

It's now a tradition on Stranger Things for executive producer Shawn Levy,

known for helming movies like Free Guy and The Adam Project,

to direct the third and fourth episode of each season. It began out of necessity.

Series creators Matt and Ross Duffer had planned to direct the entirely of season 1

but as they began, they couldn't finish writing the scripts and be the ones behind the camera. So, Levy offered a helping hand.

who went and directed the Christmas lights episode and so many moments in season 1 that have become signature sequences for the show," he tells EW.

"I just thought it was luck, but then when the series became so successful,

the Duffers and I realized we shared just enough superstition to not f--- with fate."