Fill in som‘Stranger Things’ 4: Are Eddie Munson’s Bat Tattoos a Foreshadowing of His Death?e text

Stranger Things fans fear the fate of their new beloved character,

Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn).

The adorable metalhead and D&D Dungeon master was introduced with a strong

storyline after being accused of Chrissy Cunningham’s (Grace Van Dien) murder.

As the series has a habit of killing off new characters,

Eddie might be in danger of dying in Stranger Things 4 Volume 2, and his tattoo might be a warning.

Eddie was introduced as the resident “freak” of Hawkins High as the U.S. is amid the Satanic Panic of the 80s.

The character became well-loved by fans for his smile, bad boy aura, and hidden kind demeanor.

But Eddie’s life quickly goes downhill when he witnesses Chrissy’s death at the hands of Vecna.