Stan Van Gundy Blames Bam Adebayo’s Struggles On His Size

The Miami Heat have been battling a lot of injuries in the Eastern Conference Finals against Boston.

As a result, they’ve looked for center Bam Adebayo to pick up the slack, but he has struggled to do so.

Longtime NBA coach Stan Van Gundy had a fairly blunt assessment of why Adebayo has struggled against the Celtics.

To Van Gundy, it all comes down to size, and Adebayo simply does not have enough of it.

Adebayo is 6-foot-9, which can definitely pose a challenge for him when playing close to the basket on offense.

He went off for 31 points in Miami’s Game 3 win, but as Van Gundy noted, Robert Williams sat out that game for Boston.

In the other four games of the series, he has been held to 10, 6, 9 and 18 points.

That is problematic when Jimmy Butler and Kyle Lowry are hobbled, Tyler Herro has missed time, and no one else is picking up the slack on offense.

Adebayo’s reputation is definitely taking a hit in this series. Fair or not, rival teams are likely keying in on what Van Gundy is saying.