Some 100 Percent Correct 2022 Tony Awards Predictions

It has been an eventful season, with some shows, like Girl From the North Country and Six, that feel as if they’ve been playing for years

others that opened and closed last fall; and a few latecomers that slipped in under the wire in April.

It may seem unfair to put productions that arrived under such different circumstances in competition, but that’s what awards do.

These (marked in boldface) are my best guesses of who will win, not my preferences.

I’d love to be proven wrong in some cases, and in others, I will be very sad if I’m not right.

I am not responsible for any amount of money you lose or win by placing bets.

But if I can interest you in some of my other wares for a moment, I’d love to sell you the concept of a marching band.

The Lehman Trilogy managed to get all three of its lead actors nominated at once, glutting the category

and it was a major ticket seller on Broadway last fall when not much else was, so it’s the front-runner here.