Shakira & Piqué's wonder years, and how it all fell apart

A few days ago, one of Colombia's pride and joy, great singer Shakira and Barcelona Football club's Gerard Piqué announced

their separation after a few weeks of speculation that hinted that the famous

duo would end their relationship of almost 10 years where they had two young children.

Although neither of them has revealed the cause that led to the end of their relationship,

strong rumors mention that they separated because of the possible infidelity the Barcelona FC captain had, but there is no confirmation yet.

Shakira met Gerard Piqué in 2010, after being in a very conflictive relationship with Antonio de la Rúa,

who is the son of the former Argentinean president Fernando de la Rúa.

Some say that Antonio and Shakira had plans to marry, but they never came to fruition.

Once Piqué and Shakira started dating, the Colombian bombshell "believed in love again" and began a relationship with him