‘Shaft’ Director Gordon Parks Threatened to Fire Richard Roundtree

There are three movies called Shaft and all of them star Richard Roundtree.

However, it was the 1971 original that was a landmark for cinema and spawned a whole franchise.

Roundtree starred in Shaft, Shaft’s Big Score and Shaft in Africa before returning to appear in Samuel L.

Jackson’s 2000 and 2019 Shaft movies. To original Shaft director Gordon Parks, Roundtree’s role depended on his mustache.

keeps ‘70s film look, like 8MM home movies but in high definition and with all the colors of the

era, plus the dark, gritty back alleys of New York City. In the new bonus feature “Revisiting

Shaft,” there is a clip of Parks telling the story of Roundtree’s mustache.

Parks said a strong mustache was important to him in creating a Black hero who could compete

with James Bond and Steve McQueen. Roundtree had that between his lip and his nose.