‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Are Steve and Brenda Foley Still Together?

Seeking Sister Wife Season 4 couple, Steve and Brenda Foley are having trouble finding a

woman who fits into their family as a second wife. However, are they even still together after the

show ended? Here’s everything we know about the status of Steve and Brenda’s relationship.

Seeking Sister Wife Season 4 features the Folley family, consisting of 38-year-old Brenda and

her husband, 42-year-old Steve. When they first met, Steve was in a committed relationship, and

they began living a polygamist relationship when they started dating Brenda.

However, Steve’s relationship fell apart, and he married Brenda.

However, the Foleys are looking to get back to living a polygamist lifestyle and are searching

for a second wife for Steven. They believed they found a good match with 21-year-old April.