SCENT OF VICTORY: Sales of Johnny Depp endorsed Dior Sauvage soar, fans say 'best investment ever'

While the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is finally over

the demand for Depps’ Dior Sauvage has shot by 50 percent during the proceedings of his defamation trial.

It has, in fact, strengthened the image of both parties.

When a few decided to shut their doors on Depp, including Disney studios;

Dior stood by the 58-year-old actor during his legal battle against his ex-wife. And the result is visible.

The sales for Dior’s Sauvage have spiked tremendously.

So far, it has been so successful that it is sold out in both the United States and United Kingdom.

Even though, many have called it a smart move to increase sales;

the brand did not appear to have made any public statements yet.