Samina Ahmad: Everything you need to know about the ‘Ms. Marvel’ actress

The cast of the upcoming Disney Plus series Ms. Mavel is very diverse,

with a cast list filled with notable people outside of Hollywood.

For some, Ms. Marvel is going to be their first big Hollywood debut, bringing international talent to western screens.

One notable name that’s cast in the upcoming web series is Samina Ahmad.

Ahmad is no ordinary actress.

And while this show will be her big Hollywood break, she is already huge in the Pakistani media industry, to the point where she has met the country’s president.

So before we see her on our screens in Ms. Marvel, here is everything you need to know about this Pakistani actress.

Ahmad is currently scheduled to play as Sana in Ms. Marvel, according to a listing on the Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki.

Not much has been announced about her role thus far, although the Ms. Marvel UK Twitter account spotted a shot of Ahmad in one of the trailers.